3 Wedding Gift Ideas That Leave an Impression

Wedding season- or June to October- is an exciting time for many couples planning to get married. This is considered a ‘popular season’ to plan the event, design the theme for the wedding, and a time to send out wedding invites. As much as everyone wants to get thrilled with engagement and wedding announcements, there’s one ‘small thing’ that often concerns many invited guests- the gifts to give.

Mancala Gift Set

Critical thinking is an important skill that many people lack.  It is the ability to think clearly and rationally, and includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.  The ability to think critically allows someone to:

A Mother's Day Gift for Grandmother

Mother's Day is a day reserved for celebrating mothers and all they do day in and day out. Everyone thinks about their mother on that Sunday in May. They take time out of their busy schedules to buy gifts and flowers, to take Mom out for brunch or to honor her in any number of ways.

The Loss of a Parent

There is a common saying that the only certainty in life is death and taxes. Everyone knows that the eventuality of death is inevitable, but most believe they will reach a ripe old age and die peacefully in their sleep.

What Do You Get the Bachelor Who Has Nothing?

Bachelors aren't known for having the most well-stocked and decorated pads, unless you count plenty of beer as “well-stocked” and movie posters as quality decorations. If you've got a single guy friend who’s moving out on his own, skip the pot holders and candles and get him gifts that he'll not only use, but appreciate.

When a dark day comes, it comes for us all.

Life starts and it ends, sometimes naturally, and sometimes tragically. When it stops it, leaves family and friends with a heartache. When such an event hits a family or friend you should be there to help, but also to heal. A gift at such a time, that carries with it a piece of hope, can make all the difference to the grieving. We at Remember Me Gifts offer a variety of choices to give to a family or friend while they are going through the grieving process.

Giving a Personalized Gift

At many points in life, there are times when one feels the need to show someone a sign of importance to them, family, friend or coworker. In many cases this sign is just a simple gift to them, either large or small. There are also times in which simply buying a gift isn't enough so some take it a bit further by adding their own personal touch onto it.

Top 5 Sports Gifts

Jerseys and signed balls are good sports gift to give out but probably you have grown beyond that level. You are probably one of those people when it comes to holidays such as Christmas and birthdays, you struggle with choice of a sports gift to buy for a friend. To make the work easier, here is a list of top 5 sports gifts you can buy:

Gift-Giving From The Heart

The world's definition of gift is probably just about the same everywhere: something given by one person to another without getting anything for it in return. When was this tradition started? Many people think that giving gifts to each other started with The Three Kings but it actually started way before that.

The Perfect Wedding Gift for the Perfect Price

So how do you buy the perfect wedding gift without breaking the bank? You budget wisely and do a little research. There are four main questions you should ask yourself: